Chocolate Tribe Showreel 2016 from Chocolate Tribe on Vimeo.

DMC Films / Factory Fifteen / Nexus Studios

Making-Of Robot And Scarecrow

A brief glimpse behind the scenes of the award-winning short film “Robot And Scarecrow”.

The short film, directed by Kibwe Tavares’s, comprises a 140 VFX shots, of which a 127 were done by Chocolate Tribe.




Cast: Jack O’Connell / Holliday Grainger / and the voice of Daniel Kaluuya
Director: Kibwe Tavares
Production Companies: DMC Film / Factory Fifteen / Nexus
Producer: Daniel Emmerson
Executive Producers: Michael Fassbender / Conor McCaughan / Chris O’Reilly / Julia Parfitt / Charlotte Bavasso
Financiers: The Space / Vero
Script Writers: Ursula Rani Sarma / Kibwe Tavares
Cinematography: Luke Jacobs
Music: Gaika & Bøn / Nils Frahm / Fat White Family
Lead Visual Effects House: Chocolate Tribe
Producer: Rob van den Bragt
VFX & Animation Supervisor: Rob van den Bragt
Lead TD: Tiaan Franken
Lead Animator: Glenn Ewan
Compositing: Johan Scheepers, Jannes Hendrickz
Legal: Nosipho van den Bragt
Additional VFX: Factory Fifteen
Characters and Concept: Factory Fifteen / Nexus Studios, lead by Warren Holder