Chocolate Tribe had the pleasure to collaborate with Glassworks again. This time for Huesitos from Chocolates Valor, where we set up all the character rigs and cloth dynamics for animation, followed by us animating the first 3 shots of the ad.

After some time though, we did go a little mad with this project, as we couldn’t get the song out of our heads! Even though none of us speak Spanish at Chocolate Tribe here, we still can’t help pretend to sing along!

The full CGI commercial has been directed by Javier Verdugo at Glassworks Barcelona.



Client: Chocolates Valor
Agency: El Ruso de Rocky
Director: Javier Verdugo
3D Artists (Glassworks):
Carlos Cortés
Marco Rossi
Kiko Navarro
Justi Romero
Andrea Giordano
Ferran Casas
Anthony Vincent
José Manuel Linares
3D Artists (Chocolate Tribe):
Rob Van Den Bragt
Tiaan Franken
2D Compositor:
Alessio Bertotti
Riccardo Gambi
Dani Granado
Producer: Belén Palos
Colorist: Xavi Santolaya