Johnny Clegg / Egg Films

Johnny Clegg “King of Time”

“If I could speak to the King of Time
He could erase and rewind
If I could only go back to that day
Maybe we’ll find our way,
King of Time” – Johnny Clegg

Jaron Clegg, director of the music video “King of Time” invites us to enter a new world of
space, travel and time.
The music video captures a young South African couple arguing on the streets of
Johannesburg when suddenly a tragic moment happens. The young King rushes back in time
to save and reverse this precious moment.
The Chocolate Tribe worked together with director Jaron Clegg to assist him in bringing his
vision to life.

“A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible: and thank you to the beautiful people at the
Chocolate Tribe, Rob van den Bragt and Tiaan Franken, you guys rock!” – Jaron Clegg

Congratulations to Jaron Clegg on the music video; you are now an “Honorary Tribe


Direction: Jaron Clegg
Production House: Egg Films
VFX / Compositing: Johan Scheepers, Jaron Clegg, Rob van den Bragt
3D Artists: Jaron Clegg, Tiaan Franken